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Where in the World is Stamper?

Stamper began his travels in September 2016 when he was retired due to injuries from old age. Since then he has joined staff members on their vacations and travels!

Click on pictures to see the full photo album of each of Stamper’s trips.

Washington/Oregon – Erin, June 2017

Orlando – Erin, October 2017

High School Reunion – Erin, May 2018

Early May 2018 Stamper went on a road trip with Erin he stopped in Memphis and took a picture with Elvis…

Arkansas – Katherine, May 2018

Late May 2018 Stamper went to Hot Springs, Arkansas with Katherine….

Hawaii – Becca, June 2018

Cancún – Laura, August 2018

Glen Rose, TX – Katherine, September 2018


Italy – Erin, October 2018