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Beyond Basics Computer Skills Class

(10 week class)

Expands on the concepts and skills taught in the fall '23 Computer Basics Class and explores the internet as an everyday resource. You’ll improve your research skills; explore more email features; use Google Drive, Photos, and Docs; and go over how to stay safe online. You'll also learn how the internet can be a great source of entertainment, health information, and more! This course is a good opportunity to expand your ability to use computers to improve and enrich your daily life.

**This is not an IT Certification Class.


1 - 2:30 PM


807 N Catherine St

Using Google Docs for Resumes Lecture

In this lecture, we’ll demonstrate how to make the most of Google Docs templates for resumes. Templates are a great option for resumes because they take the guesswork out of formatting! We’ll review some of the helpful features of Google Docs, like sharing, reviewing, and commenting privileges, as well as how to save and share your doc as a PDF. Finally, we’ll go over some dos and don’ts for resume content.
2/21/241-2:30 PMHPL
301 N Rockwall Ave
Connecting to the Internet WorkshopNot always sure if your internet-enabled devices are connected to the internet? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll go over how to check the WiFI connection on your PC, iPhone, or Android smartphone. We’ll also cover how to use the hotspot from your smartphone and best practices for password protection and connecting to public WiFi.
3/6/241-2:30 PMHPL
301 N Rockwall Ave
Tech Tips for Disaster Preparedness LectureDid you know that technology is an essential part of being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters? In this session, we’ll explain how technology can help you prepare. We’ll discuss and demonstrate useful features of the FEMA and Red Cross apps, including setting alerts. Additionally, we’ll review built-in smartphone features that can come in handy in the event of an emergency and explore how to keep phones and essential devices charged during a prolonged power outage. Finally, we’ll discuss how you can use social media to get emergency and other important information from local and national authorities.
3/20/241-2:30 PMHPL
301 N Rockwall Ave

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