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The library now offers a FREE driver education program!

What’s included?
– 14 car practice tests
– 9 motorcycle practice tests
– 27 CDL (commercial driver’s license) practice tests
– 3 online driver’s manuals (car, motorcycle, CDL)
– An FAQ section with detailed answers to over 100 questions

Get ready for your car, motorcycle or CDL test start now!


Regardless of whether your dream of getting an A, graduating high school, attending college, or finding a job, Tutor.com will help you achieve your goals. Services for K-12th grade, intro-level college, adult learners and job seekers.

-Support in over 40 subjects and test prep areas

-One-to-one, on-demand homework help & tutoring

-The Princeton Review SAT/ACT Essentials test prep

-Self-study tools such as practice quizzes and flashcards

-Fully vetted educational and job search resources

-Live tutors available Sunday-Thursday 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

FREE online language learning software: Mango Languages

Sign up for Mango Languages for free with your library card! Ask a librarian for details.

Learning a new language isn’t easy. Committing to a new way of communicating is a verbal and physical commitment that is unfamiliar, but rewarding in what you’ll discover along the way. A blend of the right content at the right time, with intelligent algorithms and native-speaker audio, and powered by proven methodologies, Mango’s adaptive learning process evolves to your progress and unique learning behaviors, preparing you to start the conversation with confidence.



Resources for Students with Disabilities

College Resources:
Financial Aid & Scholarships:
Networking & Career Guide:

 College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Physical Disabilities –  https://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/college-planning-with-physical-disabilities/
Hard of Hearing – https://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/college-planning-for-deaf-and-hard-of-hearing-students/
Learning Disabilities – https://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/college-planning-with-learning-disabilities/
Psychiatric Disabilities – https://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/college-planning-with-psychiatric-disabilities/
Visual Impairments –  https://www.bestcolleges.com/resources/college-planning-with-visual-impairments/