Mural Project

The Terrell Mural Project is an on-going endeavor to portray the history of Terrell through art.   Our goal is to bring Terrell's rich history to life through our murals which depict events of the early days of Terrell, and the building of our city.  

We are grateful for the incredible talents of our artists: Members of the Northeast Texas Fine Arts Alliance, Sunny Delipsey and Charlie Bullock, and for the continued support of The City of Terrell.

The information for the BFTS mural was obtained from the No. 1 British Flying Training School Museum.

Historical information on the other murals was obtained largely from the book “Cap’n Terrell’s Town” written by Dr. Horace Flatt, and also from the Terrell Heritage Museum at 207 North Frances Street in Downtown Terrell. Dr. Flatt’s book may be purchased from the Terrell Heritage Museum or from Books and Crannies at 209 West Moore Avenue. All proceeds from the sale of the books go to the Terrell Heritage Museum.

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