On May 5th, 2015 the Terrell City Council adopted Ordinance 2631 (PDF) requiring all residential and multi-family utility customers to pay $1 one dollar per month for participation in the Medical Service Program.

This allows the customer to use CareFlite ambulance services in the event of a medical emergency.

Any Utility Customer who desires to not participate in the EMS Membership Program shall sign and file a declaration of nonparticipation, on forms prescribed and provided by the City,

Declaration of Non-participation Form (PDF)

If a Multifamily Residential Utility Customer or Landlord or his or her authorized representative elects for a property not to participate in the EMS Membership Program, the Multifamily Residential Utility Customer or Landlord or his or her authorized representative shall obtain from each Tenant a written and signed acknowledgment stating that the Tenant:

  1. Understands that the Tenant and the Tenant's Household are not included in the EMS Membership Program;
  2. Understands that the Tenant may affirmatively elect to personally participate in the Medical Service Program by contacting CareFlite and enrolling in the Program at the same price as offered to participating Single-family Residential Utility Customers;
  3. Understands that failure to participate in the Program will subject the Tenant and Tenant's Household to the full costs associated with CareFlite's services; and
  4. Has been informed of the estimated per trip costs for an emergency ambulance transport run. The written and signed acknowledgment described herein shall be maintained in the Multifamily Residential Utility Customer's or Landlord's or his/her authorized representative's records and available for inspection by the City of Terrell upon request. This acknowledgment must be obtained for all Tenants and all new Tenants moving into the Landlord's or Multifamily Residential Utility Customer's property at any time.

To opt-out of the program, submit the following form: